About the Artist

In his 25 years of practice, Allen Grimes has explored many different mediums and methods. A combination of being self taught and skills developed in college, Allen enjoys drawing as a way to channel his inner creativity. In his early work he started out with the basics in portrait work, illustration and character creations. Allen later experimented with graphic design and digital illustration, this is where his craft fully emerged. His current works in illustration, animation and digital media are featured by many companies and organizations both locally and abroad. He received the Addy Award in 2014 for animation. Allen remains an important figure in his local community working with fandom groups and charity organizations along with traveling the midwest working comic conventions.

2013 - A Grimes Studio LLC was founded.

2014 - Oklahoma Addy Award for Animation

2017 - Marvel licensed artwork through Upperdeck

2017 - Star Wars licensed artwork through Topps